Top 3 Evergreen Ways of Raising Your Credit Score

In many cases, your credit score is one of the financial foundations that you must think of. As the years go on, you’ll need the reliability of banks, credit agencies, and basically any lending agency that you’d encounter. If you have a family, this situation is truer than ever. While different experts have come up of ideas and tactics on growing your credit score, there are some evergreen strategies that you should know.


Get a Personal Loan


Nowadays, personal loans are offered by thousands of banks. These loans are paid within 3 or 5 terms and they have low interest. Many people forget the fact that personal loans can be used as ‘credit boosters.’ If you’re approved for a personal loan, it simply means that you have the capability to repay someday. Just don’t miss any payment or your credit score will be damaged. And keep in mind that not all personal loans count towards your credit score.


Get a Credit Builder Loan


A good alternative to personal loans is a credit builder loan. Built specifically for people with low credit, a credit builder loan doesn’t have strict requirements and can be repaid on short terms. Typically, banks and large credit unions offer credit builder loans to urbanites who are still making a name for themselves. A credit builder loan is also convenient to pay because it has lower interest than most personal loans. Before applying for one, watch out for the fees. Some credit builder loans have high fees which can put you in compromising situations.


Start a Savings Account


Not everybody has a savings account. On the other hand, other people who have savings account still touch the money on regular basis. A clear sign of financial maturity is having a savings account. It’s easy to open one in your chosen bank. The good thing about a savings account is the accrued interest. Though smaller than most investment vehicles, the percentage can still boost your finances someday. You just can’t pick 1% or 2% financial gain per annum from the ground. If you have a savings account, banks will think that you’re financially responsible and they will assess your credit score positively.


Maintaining your credit score is one of your responsibilities as an adult. There are no shortcuts, but the mentioned strategies will, basically, make your financial life easier. So, draft your plan and start incorporating the strategies in your life.